How to play

Goal of the game

To be the last surviving team.

Be careful, if the allotted time is up, the team with the most castles wins.

If teams have the same number of castles, the team that has attacked the most neutral castles wins.

Attack your enemies!

To attack, click on one of your paths. Each attack will consume half of your castle's power (rounded up).

Example: If you launch an attack with a castle size 5, the attack will be size 3, and following the attack, your castle will be size 2.

Your attacks reduce the size of the enemy castles they hit. If the attack is bigger than the castle, the castle is concqui!
If the attack is exactly the same size as the castle, the castle remains to the defender with the minimum size: 1

Your castles increase by one power point per second. So the more you have, the faster you gain power!

Help your allies by sending them forces!

As with the attack, you can throw forces in the direction of a friendly castle. This will make this castle bigger.